Burning off the Excess Weight

It was a BIG fire, this picture does it no justice.  Side note: MUST get a better camera
       So we feel lighter on our feet tonight.  Not because we ate any less, no no….but because we got rid of some “junk” in the garage.  You know how I mentioned that our kindly tenants left a boat load of things behind?  Yeah, well that “junk” made its way into our garage.  Hooray!  Yeah, not so much.  Lots of dressers, shelves, desks and toys have been crammed into our lovely two car garage.  There was just enough room for my van to barely squeeze in.  But that changed tonight.  How so?  Because of the BURNING!!What burning do you ask?  Why the giant flaming one in our backyard-where the garden normally dwells.
            Tip # 1  A fun way to get rid of useless wooden junk that nobody and I mean nobody would want, is to burn it.  And that is what we did.  The girls had a great time admiring the flickering flames and sparks in the blackening night.  Daddy pulled up a couple chairs for them to sit and gaze upon the fiery madness.
            Tip #2 Hot Cocoa makes all cold nights in front of a blazing fire, a bit merrier.
            Tip #3  Refried Bean Soup and Chocolate Chip muffins make a sweet ending!
Trust me it may not sound good, but the soup is off the hook!  I shall share the recipe in the coming days.   
The girls enjoying the show-well not really sure if Brinley is, but you can't win em all


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