Scaling down the toys

"Mommy why are you giving away my Dora the Explorer pajamas?"
A frown slid across her lips as I backed out of my parking spot at the Goodwill. I really, really need to get new trash bags. Why they make clear trash bags is beyond me.
"Oh Honey, that's because Christmas is coming and your going to get new pajamas.".
Note to self: buy Elly new pajamas for Christmas.
"I am?"
I nod vigorously and smile.
"Dora the Explorer pajamas that are silky and pink"
Oh boy, now were getting specific, and I really have no idea if I'll find any.
" I think so". I lie, as I pray she forgets this whole conversation.
"Yay! Thank you Mommy"
Crisis reverted: now if I could just do something about this guilt.
PS On the upside, at least she didn't notice the stuffed animals, dolls and train set that refuses to work any longer.


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