Please no Photgraphs

Brinley has become a total Daddy's girl over the past few months-really it's been heartbreaking for me. Of course I want her to love her Daddy, but to go from absolute Mommy's girl to "I want nothing to do with you Mom" has been tragic. A couple of months ago I weened her from nursing-could there be a relation? Yes that was it, my daughter was just using me for my milk. :-(. Once the well dried up, that need to cuddle was gone. I'm trying to cope, but really it's like going through a break up. Danny and I went to the DC for the day and the Cooper grandparents watched the girls. When we arrived home and Brinley saw me, her usual pout on those cute lips remained. The moment Daddy walked through the door, those small eyes widened and her pout curled into a giant smile. "Mommy!" she shouted-yes were both Mommy, even though she does know how to say DaDa. At least Elly still loves me. ;-)


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