Neighborly Love

I love my neighbors! Really, I do. Yesterday we were greeted at our doorstep with a bag of goodies for the kids and us, and today after arriving home from a MOPS meeting we were yet again graced with another bag this time filled with delicious baked treats and cookbooks.
I love the fact that I can borrow books from Brenda, recipes from Helen and learn new games from Kathy. I look forward to the friendly hellos and catching up. And the Christmas Season is such a good time to recognize the good you have in your life. And a friendly neighbor is sweeter than gold. My hubby and I always joke that we aren't moving unless our neighbors move.....and yeah that's pretty much true.
But the thing is if you want a good neighbor then you've got to be a good neighbor. I've learned from my excellent examples of neighbors and reciprocate through out the year, not just the holidays. But I can do better I'm sure of it. Let me tell you, what a blessing to trust, appreciate and enjoy your neighbors, after all you do have to live next to them....behind them.....across the street from get my gist.


Katzzmcd said…
I think I might have missed the post where you explain what MOPS is? Can you explain?
Danielle said…
Okay I shall write a whole plug/blog post about MOPS, Mothers of Preschoolers tomorrow. ;-)

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