My present to Danny

As I mentioned earlier in another post, Danny and I aren't "gift" people, at least not your typical gifts.  However, I did give Danny a gift for Christmas this year.  Yes a gift to last the whole year long.  My gift to Danny, 52 dates in a year.  That's a pre planned creative date once a week.  Some cost money, some don't, some are at home and some are out on the town.  I'm very excited to give this gift since it will kick out butts into gear about getting a little more roman.c.  Our first date we had was this past Friday.  A simple- after the kids are in bed date- (this is will be half of my preplanned dates by the way-cuz it costs money to pay for out on the town dates)  We went outside in the cold, lied on  the trampoline, gazed at the hazy night sky and asked fourteen pre planned questions.  This was fun, because after a while you tend to stop asking questions, thinking you already know everything about each other.  Although really we did know most of the answers to each others questions we did learn things about each other.  We finished off with going inside and sipping on some dark chocolate hot cocoa.  Very excited for the next date this weekend.   Also I dont have all 52 dates yet planned, so if you have any fun suggestions please let me know!  ;-)  


Katzzmcd said…
I love this idea! So great!
Danielle said…
Aww thanks, Ive had a great time planning it! I plan on blogging about it each week, so if you need any ideas here ;-) Plus if you have any ideas to share please do!!

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