F A T Fat: full from appetizing temptations

Dear Reader,
Ah, the Christmas season is upon us, a time for baking cookies, decorating gingerbread houses, sampling fudge, eating pies sipping hot cocoa and gaining weight....all of which are things I have been busy with. I love the holidays and all the festivities it entails, but I do not like the outcome to all this eating. Can someone please tell me their secrets?!? Okay I'm pretty sure it's not a secret at all- you health concious people are just staying away from the sugar, but really how on earth do you do it?!? Where do you get your motivation? I'll be honest I feel relieved when January 1st arrives. I'm happy to be on yet another unreliable diet to lose the holiday 5 I picked up from October to December. But I find diets to be unsuccessful in the long run, so Diet Shmiet. This year what I really need is a lifestyle change, ugh just thinking about it makes me irritable. But I need to treat my body better.....and I need help with this, because if you know me-or if you don't- then you must know I am a sugar freak. I mean I would honestly marry sugar if I wasn't already committed to my husband. And truly there are times when I am unfaithful and choose chocolate over him, I know it's sad. You see? And so now it is time for me to acknowledge my shortcomings and seek the advice of you health gurus out there! What is it that I'm looking for?

1) Motivation
2) Healthy Recipes
3) What on earth do you people eat for breakfast and dessert?
4)Exercise Tips- I do run 5 1/2 miles 3x a week and do exercise videos, the one thing I'm doing right. But I could always use other suggestions
5)Any other tips concerning health would be great! Thank you!


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