A Christmas Carol

I know that it is not quite officially the Christmas season yet and we are still learning about the pilgrims and building our thankful turkey......but I couldn't help myself. I'm overly excited for Christmas and decided it would be fun....mostly for Danny and I to read "A Christmas Carol".
We are reading it as a family. And even though my girls are only 4 and 1, I figure that if I start them young, they really won't know any different. And really eventually they will get what all those big words mean.
The book I took out comes with pictures, so it's easier to show and explain in lamans terms what's going on. A couple pages a night is what we plan to read, till Christmas, and then I'd like to rent the movie. I figure I will compromise by renting the Muppet version of "A Christmas Carol" the girls will get a kick out of that one.


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