A flurry of feathers!

Our making of the grateful turkey has been a hit. We've decided to be more economical and write down everyone's daily comments on one hand....er feather. I need to get more paper, with more colors, it's almost starting to look Christmas like. Some things Elly is grateful for...
-the earth
-her barbie dolls
-leaves, trees
-pumpkins and decorations
Danny and I have been very grateful for 2 healthy girls we adore, each other (we adore one another too) and ELECTRICITY! It's been a wild ride these past couple of months and this weather?!?! Well, let's just say that now I'm even more grateful for what the pilgrims went through and all the sacrifices they made.
Which brings me to our other Thanksgiving tradition, learning about the pilgrims. So far we've learned in little increments of dinner time chatter, about Jamestown Virginia and the trials of a new land, the Indians, illness and starvation. We've talked about John Smith and his relationship with The Powhatan Tribe, and the Indian Princess Pocahontas. Did you know that John Smith traveled the world! He earned a coat of arms from a Hungarian Prince for beheading three Turks. He was enslaved twice and killed his second master. There's plenty more to tell. I wonder why History is so interesting now, but seemed to bore me in school. Hopefully I can make it interesting for my girls.


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