Girls Night out at Roxy

Had a great girls night out with some girlfriends. We ate dinner at Chillis', perused the mall, and ended up at the movies.

We didn't end up at just any movie theater, we went to Roxy Theater in Northampton.

An old fashioned experience! The building is in superb condition, the employees dress in a fancy black and white and the concession stand and and charming.

You buy your tickets outside for just three bucks (the movies are about six weeks older than the New Releases) and then you enter the beautiful corridor, handing your ticket to a dapper man before entering the adorable concession stand.

You then proceed through one of the two entrances, Wwere a gorgeous theater with curtain covered stage awaits you. The lamps, walls, wooden floors and chairs are all in pristine condition.

We came to see the movie "The Help" which was wonderful but we also left with an experience, and the appreciation of timless history.


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