Tinkerbell/Pirate Party

We celebrated my daughter's 4th birthday with a Tinkerbell/Pirate party yesterday! I thought it was a success.
1) When the kids arrived they dressed up for the part! The girls got glitter stars on their cheeks, glitter ribbons in their hair and fairy wings. The boys sported homemade hooks, eye patches and mascara beards.
2) Then it was pin the clock on the croc
3) Followed by a treasure hunt! The kids started by opening scrolled papers each time they wanted a clue to their treasures. (for example crawl through the cave of shadows/under the trampoline/ to find the jewels). Each clue led them to a treasure till they filled up their bags with goodies.
4) One of their treasures was a mask they colored with markers after the treasure hunt.
5) Lunch! Homemade Mac n Cheese, Pizza and homemade applesauce
6)Opening Presents!
7) Eating cake!
Kids were entertained, party went smooth, mom was happy :-)


Julie and Amos said…
such a pretty little tinkerbell! :)

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